Hot manga recommending - My Big Boobed Wife Is Fucking My Uncle Behind My Back

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Title: My Big Boobed Wife Is Fucking My Uncle Behind My Back

Author: Gagarin kichi



Teppei is an IT engineer who lives in Tokyo with his wife, Elena. Unfortunately, Teppei was recently laid off by his company and could no longer afford the high cost of living in Tokyo. As a result, they had to move back to their hometown and rely on Teppei's uncle for support.

Elena, despite being a fair-haired, blue-eyed Western woman, embodies many traditional Japanese values. She is gentle and supportive of her husband.

Teppei's uncle is a traditional, jovial middle-aged man from the countryside, known for his straightforward and friendly personality. 

Upon meeting Teppei and his wife, he warmly welcomed them with extreme enthusiasm.


However, this enthusiasm seemed a bit unusual…


For the further development of the story, I would recommend watching it for yourself!

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