Exaggerated Bodies in Comics: Big Busts and Curvaceous Hips

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The modern mainstream aesthetic demands that women have slim bodies with delicate limbs and a slender waist, while it emphasizes that the chest and hips should be "the bigger, the better."


For fullness, it is a continuation of human physiological aesthetics since ancient times, almost engraved in our genes. This is a biological instinct; full breasts represent a guarantee of nourishment, while a shapely buttocks symbolize vitality.


The preference for fullness has been a continuation of human physiological aesthetics since ancient times, almost engraved in our genes. It's a biological instinct, where full breasts symbolize assurance of sustenance and a childbearing-friendly type of hips represent vitality.


Prehistoric Venus


In the realm of curvaceous body types, the author recommends starting with the works of Hiroshi Shinozuka for newcomers. Shinozuka's art features smooth strokes and alluring facial expressions, making it more in line with the practicality and market acceptance of the modern mainstream.



In the cover picture above, you can see that the author depicts a wife from a bird's eye view, exaggerating the fullness and size of the breasts, and adding moles on the breasts to make the picture more three-dimensional and erotic.


Works that Break the Bounds of Plumpness - Expansion Series


The next part that the author is going to introduce may push the limits of what most gentlemen are accustomed to, as it involves expansion beyond fullness.


The so-called "Expansion Series" that the author recommends is Aodouhu (Neromashin). Recent works such as " Taimanin Shiranui " and previous series like " Houjou no Reizoku Elf " are all examples of expansion-themed works.


In " Taimanin Shiranui Musume no Osananajimi ni Te o Dasu Itazura Oba-san Hen Omake", the author uses the contrast between the plump figure and the male protagonist to achieve a feeling of making the character fuller.



The [Aodouhu (Neromashin)] “Houjou no Reizoku Elf” (currently 6 main volumes and 2 spin-offs) serves as an experimental ground for the author, featuring a variety of imaginative ideas, but invariably centered around the concept of female fullness.


Meanwhile, the 'Bountiful Submissive Elves' series by Aomame Tofu (currently consisting of 6 main volumes and 2 side stories) serves as the author's experimental ground, featuring various imaginative ideas, but always centering on the plumpness of the female form.


Aomame Tofu's characters not only possess full-bodied figures but also undergo various treatments and enhancements when it comes to their 'Oppai' (Breast piercing, piercing, tugging, hair removal...etc.). These enhancements embody an unattainable fantasy, arousing various imaginations in the readers.




Throughout human history, regardless of how sexual concepts have evolved, the idea of fullness has been deeply engraved in our genetic blueprint.


So, in the pursuit of various forms of creation, we continue to move forward on the path of curvaceous figures. Whether in Japanese manga or Korean comics, ample bosoms have always been one of the most prevalent tags in creative works, indirectly validating the author's argument regarding body aesthetics.


In the next issue, we will embark on a new chapter to explore the contrasting realm of flat-chested works. Stay tuned!


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