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Continuing from our previous message, my friend mentioned that the Papa Katsu App is a lot of fun, and there are many interesting things here. So I started to discuss the App with my friend last week.


And then I regretted it.

I'm fucking regretted it!!!


The reason is none other, The Papa Katsu App's content is so rich that it's easy to get ensnared in its depths. Even casual conversation can lead to discussing a myriad of topics, including something I can say and something I can’t say. Moreover, Minato girls, Underground idols, models.


After reviewing and recording our conversation, just the App introduction and the user's job, age….  It seems that the Papa Katsu series could become a serialized article.


OK, stop complaining. Since I initiated this topic, I will see it through to the end.


First, If you want to start Papa Katsu, you must know the most important thing is:



If you don't carefully, you might be trick into entering the hotel, be raped, or even lose your life.


The purpose of Papa Katsu is to earn money, you have to keep yourself alive to spend your money. So, to earn money by Papa Katsu, SAFE, is the most important thing.


To the girl who wants to start Papa Katsu, start immediately after registering an account, eliminating the exhibitionist and danger, Papa Katsu App becomes an important platform aside from X(Twitter) Papa Katsu tag.


Key point: Easy, low risk, match fast, and let users feel reassured, making Papa Katsu APP more and more abundant.

Then, which App is the best? After my friend heard my  question, he made a list In a flash. "Here, these are the APPs I’ve used before."

Why so many? ”Which one is the best?” 

“Hmm…, simply, how many types of Papa Katsu girls do you think there are? ”

I burst into laughter when I heard this. "Types?"

"Sure, you know the three main types of Papa Katsu girls?"


Who knows!”Can you explain? ”


My friend introduces types of Papa Katsu girls to me adeptly, of course, including his experience of using it. 


There are three main types of Papa Katsu girls: middle-class(standard), celebrity, beginner.

Three types, each type has a different choise of sugar daddy.

Middle-class, certainly, it’s in the middle place of the Papa Katsy world.(Everyone’s favorite: Fashion ladys. )

This type of girl mostly consists of office ladies between 20 and 30 years-old, female college students(Private university, non first-rate prestigious university students. Some students started Papa Katsu when they were senior high school students,and then entered the first-rate prestigious university. But most first-rate prestigious university students are celebrities.)and hostesses. 


Most of them are the people who want to spend money on hobbies, while some do it for their dreams or tuition fee. There are even promotion girls who sell liquor in the hostess bar.


They are mostly active in subcenter of Tokyo, some active in Akihabara, Nakano, Ueno and Yokohama. You might find them in most metropolitan areas. My friend told me that most girls have a strong sense of beauty consciousness and are fixated on money(Hard to bargain with. Even if you successfully persuade them to reduce the price, you still won't receive much of a discount.) .  Among these girls, Many people are non-surgical cosmetic procedures enthusiasts


Some girls are ambitious, they hope to meet capable business professionals. Expand their social circle and broaden their horizons. They were also inspired by sugar daddy. Even sugar daddy’s casual remark could spur her to try new things.

(Some girl found someone to invest through Papa Katsu, and started her own business.)


If you encounter neither of them, finding a wealthy permanent employee is also a good choice. At least he’s wealthy.


As for the cost, 30,000~50,000 Japanese yen. Monthly contract, 200,000~500,000 Japanese yen.

(But now, the price has been significantly reduced. You can check the article I wrote before.)


The Apps this type of girls usually use is Love& and Drosy. We'll discuss A now, and leave B and the rest for next time.


Love& is a popular Papa Katsu App, mainly female college students, models, underground idols and nurses. Men, mainly IT professionals, elites and self-employed people.

One of the biggest features of this App is "Meet Online" mode. After you choose an opponent, you two can meet online. And to the people who are over-edited, will reduce his/her click-through rate. Lower the probability of being deceived.


Besides, not only safety, but also men and girls here are outstanding. Those are the reasons why this App’s popularity has consistently stayed high.


Final key point: Former AV actress-Sakura Kizuna highly recommend this App.


The girl has to record a 20~30 seconds self-introduction film without photo editing software. That means there are no over-edited people here.

There is a special mode in Love& calls “RenQ”. The main feature of this mode is ”You can have face-to-face chats without adjusting your schedule.” No transportation fare, no meal expense, you can start Papa Katsu without going out.


To start RenQ, you have to buy ren coins first (1 ren coin=130 Japanese yen). And you will start face-to-face chats immediately while you choose the partner. However, there’s a little question, you have to chat at least 10 minutes each time you chat. That means even if you’re not seeing eye to eye, you must stay for a full 10 minutes before you can leave. Then you have to spend 5 ren coins(650 Japanese yen) every 10 minutes. But out of politeness, most people stay for at least 30 minutes~an hour.

Certainly, they also have donation features.

(Champagne, hearts, like super chat. LOL)


And you might ask: How much can the girl earn?

Let me show you the picture.


1 ren coin=130 Japanese yen, so if you choose a cute girl and chat with her for an hour, deducting handling fee, she can get 3,000 Japanese.(Because the man has to spend 30 ren coins every hour.)


But how to start? Just:

Choose the girl you want to meet, then press call(In Japanese is 通話)

After the girl accepts the invitation, you will enter the one on one room.

(Left is male perspective, right is female perspective.)

Then you can chat face to face, men can donate to the girls. You can know how many coins you left at the bottom left corner. And, donate bottom(My friend has not pressed that donate button, so he doesn't know the price either .).


Female perspective, the girl can know how many ren coins she earns during the chat.


My friend has had a special experience before: One time, after he entered the one on one chat room, he told the girl”I just want to find someone to accompany me while I work, you can say what you want even or even complain. I’ll chat while I work. ”


She was stunned for a few seconds. ”Anything?” After my friend gave her a positive response, she start to complain supervisor's sexual harassment behavior. And the girl earned nearly 6,000 Japanese yen this time. However, after 4 days, my friend met the client in the company…


“Don’t tell me, the client came over with the girl who chatted with you.”

“Correct, but no extra points.”


Although she kept a customer service smile on her face, that's really embarrassing.

At night, my friend chose the girl once again intentionally, she started to complain  immediately…

Sure, after this, they went from “Meet online then pay” to “Meet offline then pay”.(They seemed to have gone to see a movie last week. Of course, it's paid.)

The website's members are divided into three levels: Platinum(super rich), gold(rich), free(ordinary). Free is the beginner, at this level, you have a 90% chance of being rejected by a girl. My friend told me, after you charge 50,000 Japanese yen, you will level up, become a gold member. Charging 100,000, you will become Platinum. As the level increases, the system will recommend girls based on your preferences. Precision strike.

By this point, you might ask: What are the age and occupation proportions?

Simply, In terms of professions, information technology, foreign companies employees, real estate developers, but 30% of the people are businesspeople. They make up a significant portion. The age group is primarily between 40 and 49 years old.

About the girls, Including female college students, voice actors, models, esports players. Students make up a significant portion, about 60.5 percent. The age group is between 18 and 29 years old.(18~24 years old 75.4 percent, 25~29 years old 23.6  percent)


Certainly, Love&’s search system is very precise, you can find quite a few girls you admire. Even if you want to find tall girls, it's quite easy.(My friend said that it's easy to find a girl who is at least 170 cm tall.) However the disadvantage is, if you choose a girl but the girl looks down on you, she will reject you immediately.(If you have a reservation to meet with her, she might stand someone up and waste your time.)

With some people, you might have a great time chatting, but after meeting them, he/she might just turn out to be a noob. This might make you feel ”Are you just here to troll?"


After all, LOVE& is somewhat realistic to a certain extent. Overall, the satisfaction level is high.

My friend said, sometimes, he want to go out with the girl like a friend. Not transaction, without paying money

After all, It's difficult to meet an opposite-sex friend whom you can confide in.

Then, there is one more question, can overseas individuals use it?

Unfortunately, it's not possible.

Because the app is linked to GPS location. You are not in Japan, you can't use it.

And, If you are not live in Japanese now, but you still want tp try Papa Katsu.

Down worry, we have lots of Papa Katsu mangas.

Papa Katsu nante Shinakereba Yokatta

It's about a girl regrets starting Papa Katsu. The man in the story is a bad example. 

If you have a chance to be a sugar daddy, treat gently.

Reversed Compensated Dating ~A World Where I Get Bought~

In a sexual role reversal world, men start Papa Katsu to earn money...sorry Mama Katsu.

Certainly, there are still many different Papa Katsu mangas in 18Kami.

You can enjoy Papa Katsu mangas without spend money.

Wait are you waiting for? Just try it! 

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