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    The reason for writing about Papa Katsu actually stems from a casual conversation I had last weekend with a friend living in Japan.


    That evening, I asked a friend living in Japan about the content of FC2, and the friend suddenly said, "I've started Papa Katsu, became a sugar daddy recently."


    What he said shocked me and let me have a flash of inspiration.

“What!? Doesn't it take enough money to become a sugar daddy? You're such a stingy guy.”

"NO NO NO, times change, sir." If my friend sat face to face with me, he would definitely wag his index finger with a sum expression.

"You don’t need to be rich to become a sugar daddy.Even Papa Katsu has started a price-cutting competition, don’t you know that?"

Price-cutting competition?" Wow, is the competition so intense?"

"Yep, unfavorable Market Conditions, gender employment discrimination, not enough living expenses…,many reasons. Almost everyone is doing it, the price is too high and the competition is fierce, so they start lowering prices."

Speaking of which, I suddenly remembered something:My friend told me about the price of Papa Katsu before.

So I found it.

This table is for reference only. This is the result of a survey conducted by a Papa Katsu website, involving 100 girls who are currently engaged in Papa Katsu work.

The title is simple and clear: "The pricing for Papa Katsu."

The listed items are as follows: meet, have tea, lunch, dinner, drink(in the bar), go walk around, karaoke, go for a drive, trip, monthly contract.

(To hang out with those girls, besides the base fee, you also need to bear the transportation fare.)

Let’s talk about the cheapest, meet, have tea and lunch.

(To become a sugar daddy, certainly you have to meet with the girl first.)

These three are basically essential needs. If you hang out with the girl at noon, according to my friend's experience, you should cover the cost of the meet and lunch, plus the transportation fare, the expenditure is approximately between 20,000 and 35,000 Japanese yen.But if you meet at the afternoon, expenditure will approximately between 20,000 and 25,000 Japanese yen, it depends on where you’re going to have afternoon tea.

(After meeting, they'll grab a drink, take a stroll, and then review the previously discussed requirements once more before Papa Katsu.)

Some girls reduce the meeting fee, but choose a more expensive restaurant , including transportation fare. The girls can earn about 27000 Japanese yen.

(If you go for afternoon tea with girls, usually you will choose an upscale cafe.)


And then dinner, drinking, walking around, karaoke, and going for a drive. Starting from here, the cost will start to multiply, growing rapidly. Dinner can still be managed within 10 to 30 thousand.But usually it's thirty thousand(Upscale restaurant or sushi.). Plus izakaya and  transportation fare,it might cost you 70000 to 80000 Japanese yen.

Walking around? This is quite a challenge. If it’s just simply walking around, it doesn't matter. But if you go shopping, then the price needs to be calculated separately.

Here is a quote from my friend's example: One time, my friend had a date with the girl for shopping and dinner(He wants to buy a new iPad). When the girl saw the Apple watch, she looked at my friend and showed him how much she wanted to buy it.


My friend also had enough money, so he bought her the cheapest Series 3…

“She looked grateful, and she was so cute. I'm willing to pay in installments.”

He showed me the girl’s picture while he said.


“How old is she?”

“Seventeen. ”

“Seventeen, young JK(Female senior high school student)”


(Then, shopping, transportation fare, meal, he spent 100000 Japanese yen that day. But JK’s smile, priceless. )


To go to karaoke, the room rate and accompanying fee ,It's probably around 30,000 to 50,000 Japanese yen.

(Take your girl to go shopping, certainly you will buy something she wants, right?)


If you go for a drive with the girl, the cost will depend on the destination. For example, if you go for a drive to Minato area, which is a 40-minute drive away from Chiiba, with the girl who lives in Chiba, the price is approximately 30,000 to 35,000 Japanese yen.

And this itinerary not only involves going for a drive, but also includes dining/drinking. So you might spend at least 70000 Japanese yen.

(If you own a car, of course you’ll go for a drive with the girl, although it’s expensive.)


Once you enter trip mode, the cost will be determined based on the location and the number of days.


No one will travel with you if you only spend 10000 Japanese yen. LOL


The cost will definitely start from 100000 Japanese yen. A one-day tour might only cost 30000 to 50000 Japanese yen(Short trip, like Yokohama).


Over 100000 Japanese, the girl would consider going on a three-day trip with you.(Usually, if the girl agrees, you will have a good night with the girl, that’s for sure.)


Certainly, some girls might drop a hint to you that you could spend more money to have a beautiful night. Yes or no, the choice is yours.


By now, readers may have noticed that the average price of Papa Katsu is around 30,000 Japanese yen.


But, prices have been dropping since last month.


Meeting , lunch and transportation fare cost 30000 Japanese yen before. Now it will only cost you 15000 Japanese yen.

Meeting, dinner and transportation fare cost 50000 Japanese yen before. Now it will only cost you 30000 to 35000 Japanese yen.

If you choose to take a trip, the cost of one day trip can nearly be halved. you don’t even pay for the meal. You only need to pay the meeting fee and transportation fare. My friend took a one day trip to Yokohama with a girl. The girl drops a hint that adds 15000 Japanese yen for a beautiful night. Totally cutthroat competition.


By the way, although my friends and the girl split the meal expenses, my friend only needs to bear the meeting fee and transportation fare, he still asks for a low price(about 12000 Japanese yen). I roast his bargain behavior: Why not just let the girl earn more money?


The reason for Price-cutting competition is very simple: Oversupply.


Because of the pandemic, job opportunities decrease. The female who can’t find a job has no choice but to start Papa Katsu for more money. The market size is small, and it's hard to find a good guy.

(Now, people who are willing to sign the monthly contract are less and less, and lots of girls are lowering their fee level. So even if you’re not rich enough, you can still try to be a sugar daddy. )


So, price-cutting competition now is a serious problem to Papa Katsu.


Even though the Papa Katsu girl craves someone to love her.

Despite this, she regarded Papa Katsu as a means of blackmail.

So let’s introduce [Fujiya (Nectar)] Enkoakujyo Jya Dame Desuka


It’s about a girl who uses Papa Katsu to extort men.


Then what happen? The answer is in our website(Click the picture)!


Finally, now Papa Katsu is in a Price-cutting competition, but my friend says that after the pandemic, the price of Papa Katsu is expected to rebound. Although the probability is low. But my friend suggested that I can check the Papa Katsu APP. There are many interesting things…


Well…something interesting?


“This article was written in July 2022”

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