"Monster Hunter Wilds" Unveils First Promotional Video, Venture into Vast Wilderness to Challenge Ferocious Monsters.

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CAPCOM officially unveiled the first promotional video for the latest installment in the popular hunting action game series "Monster Hunter," titled "Monster Hunter Wilds," during the "State of Play" live.


"Monster Hunter Wilds" will follow the path set by "Monster Hunter: World," leveraging the hardware capabilities of the new generation of consoles to present a larger, more lifelike open-world hunting environment with a greater variety of monster populations. Additionally, it will introduce new gameplay mechanics such as riding monsters for high-speed traversal, flight, and hunting.

t the same time, this is also a good opportunity to review Kizuki Aruchu teacher's work.


Monhan no Erohon 11

Of course, we also have other episodes in the series and other works by Kizuki Aruchu.


Enjoy the donjins in 18kami, until "Monster Hunter Wilds" release

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