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Comic Market, also known as Comiket (コミケ) or CM, is the largest doujinshi fair in Japan and even worldwide, organized by the "Comic Market Preparation Committee." It is often referred to as the "Holy War of Otaku" or simply the "Holy War." The motto of this event is "As long as there is life, the Holy War continues!"

The main focus of the exhibition is the sale and display of self-published works related to anime, manga, games, novels, and merchandise. The event operates primarily through participant-planned booths, attracting three main groups of attendees: creators, readers, and general participants, all of whom play a crucial role in promoting doujinshi activities.

The inaugural Comic Market was held at the Japan Firefighters Association Hall, and subsequently, the event took place in various exhibition halls within Tokyo. Since 1981, the event has been mostly held in Tokyo's Harumi area, Tokyo Big Sight, with a few instances of being hosted elsewhere.

Since 1996, Comic Market has found its permanent venue at the newly constructed Tokyo International Exhibition Center (TOKYO BIG SIGHT), where it has been held consistently ever since. Due to concerns about congestion and blocking people's movement, the organizers have decided not to set up any stages during the event.

This year's Comic Market (C102) will take place on August 12th and 13th. All you Otaku out there, get ready with your fast internet connections and storage space to face the upcoming explosion of doujinshi!

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